Q. What is your stocking density?

A. All our hens are stocked at a density of less than 600 birds per hectare.

Q. What is a Megga-Egga?

A. Our megga-egga’s are moveable, solar-powered shelters that provide roosting space, shelter and nesting space for our chickens. We move the megga-egga’s around the paddock to the best pasture meaning we our birds consistently have fresh grass to feed on.

Q. Do you refrigerate your eggs once collected?

A. Our eggs are kept in a temperature controlled room once collected that maintains an ambient temperature of between 10 and 15 degrees. This maintains the freshness of our eggs and ensures you recieve them with the maximum freshness possible.

Q. Do you deliver to my town?

A. We have a wide distribution across the Melbourne area and the NSW Riverina. Please refer to our Distribution Area page for specific details.

Q. What happens to the chickens once they have finished laying at Open Farms?

A. We re-home as many chickens as possible. Most of these become backyard chooks for families. We also supply chickens to farmers looking for a simply entry into the free range industry. These entrants then become suppliers to our Paddock Fresh business.

Q. What do they eat?

A. Our birds free to graze the improved pastures of our property. When possible we irrigate these pastures to keep a steady supply of green feed to our girls. We supplement their paddock feed with ad-lib access to specially formulated free-range pellets. These are a rice-based pellet so that important vitamins and minerals such as calcium are available in suitable quantities. This maintains the quality and quantity of Paddock Fresh eggs.